Welcome to our users joining us from Discord and for those who are not on our Discord server you are welcome join by clicking below. We are pleased and proud to announce that the 737-MAX family for X-Plane is complete and ready for download. We also have the 737-600, and the 737 BBJ. In order to download aircraft you must register for an account. We hope you enjoy these aircraft and be sure to stick around as these aircraft are actively being refined and updated, you wont want to miss an update!

If you’ve downloaded the aircraft and need support be sure and visit the forums get help from our mods, developers and other members in our community.

Screenshot Competition:

We run an X-Plane screenshot competition in our Discord channel. The competition period runs ever two weeks, and the winner’s photo is placed on our front page. Only one screenshot can be submitted, and screenshots must be from X-Plane. Join our Discord server for complete rules.

@Jakob Ek Jensen winning screenshot
@Youngy With this amazing 767 shot!
@huxoavi And his GOL shot

Previous Winners

Discord Member @Alex Thanks for submitting this amazing screenshot!