We noticed that a lot of people had issues with the doors and slides. These issues aren’t really issues because they can be fixed easily. If anyone has these issues ever again, just show them this channel.

To be able to acces all these functions you’ll have to download the Avitab and Better Pushback plugins. They have their own install instructions so make sure to read the ReadMe files they supply.

To be able to open the doors you just have to go into the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) or better known as the tablet. In the ground service page you can find the door menu. Just click on the respective door to open it. Make sure that the engines are shut down and that the anti collision light is off.

You can deploy or retract the slides by going into the ground service page within the EFB. There’s a button to deploy or retract them. Make sure that the FR, FL, RR and RL doors are opened (Front right, Front Left, Rear Right and Rear Left).

The Air Stairs can be deployed within the Ground Service menu in the EFB. Just click on the button to deploy or retract them. They can only be deployed when the FL door is opened.

A lot of people have had a bug surrounding the air stairs and slides deploying when they just loaded the aircraft. This can be easily fixed by downloading the latest version of Avitab and Better Pusback. Don’t forget, their might be some issues when starting with engines running. These aircraft aren’t made to start with that function. That might also be a good moment to learn the correct start up procedures of the 737.

If there’s any bugs or issues surrounding these things in the future. Don’t be shy and ask the question in the respective #report-bugs or #request-support-tickets threads.


Better Pushback: