Are these aircraft free?

YES, we are not and never will charge for these aircraft.

Where can I download these aircraft?

Click on the “Downloads” link above.

If you are unable to view the downloads, its likely that you aren’t logged in, or you haven’t registered for an account, or you may still need to activate your account if you have already registered.

I registered but have not received my activation email, what happened?

Check your spam/junk/bulk email folder, if you are still unable to find it, let an admin or moderator know and we can resend or manually activate.

Ive heard this aircraft is pirated, is this true?

Absolutely not! Please read the following statement by @ww

Please remember there are two sides to every story. We don’t have a big propaganda machine behind us like Threshold to control the narrative. All we have is the truth, and a beautiful 737 MAX Family. We hope you enjoy both.

I am having problems installing, where can i get help?

Click on the forums link above and find the support forum.

I would like to upload my repaints, how do I become a livery painter?

If you were a livery painter on the Discord server, you will automatically receive that same status here. If you are new to the site, please send a message to the admin or one of the moderators and include a link to your work. Once we review, you will receive the upgrade to livery painter status.

How do I upload my repaint files?

Use the following blog post to upload your files. The front end uploader needs some work and isn’t working correctly.

How do I join the development team?

Send a message to @ww, and list what you can do to help the development of the aircraft. Include examples of your work, programs you are familiar with, and anything else that can help.