How to Upload Liveries!

Once you are made a livery maker, Log into the website.
In the top left corner of the screen, click link as seen below that reads “737 MAX for X-Plane”

Click DOWNLOADS from the left side of the screen as seen below

You will be taken to the downloads section to administer your own downloads.
Click Add New as seen below:

Give your Download a title, we recommend following a standard format of “Airline name, Aircraft Type, and Tail Number”. You can include a description below the title if you prefer and add additional screenshots there too.

Next you will want to select your file to upload. Press the GREEN button to Select Files OR you can paste a URL to a Google Drive or other remote storage link in the URL field just below the green button. You can also drag and drop your files to the green box. If you choose to enter a URL remember to press the plus sign after entering the URL or it will not show up. (See Above)

Once you have uploaded your file or used a URL, given your download a title, scroll down on the right side of the window, and select a Category. This is extremely important, if you do not select a category, your download will not appear in the library. See Below Circled in RED:

After you select your category, you need to upload a screenshot. To do so click the “SET FEATURED IMAGE” link as seen above highlighted in YELLOW. This will be the thumbnail photo for the download.

Make sure you select Upload Files, and then press select files or you can drag and drop your file directly to the media library.
After your screenshot and files are uploaded, you can click Publish. As seen below.

NOTE: You will know that your file has completed uploading by looking at the center of the page under ATTACHED FILES. If this section is blank, that means the file has not completed uploading or processing into the system. Depending on how active the site is it may take a minute or two to finish processing.

Please contact @admin or @justintx79 for assistance!

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