Livery Painting

Let me preface this posting by saying, I am not trying to call anyone out or embarrass anyone; there are some really great painters out there that are painting the MAX. There have also been some instances where other painter’s (Atarium, KJO, Jviation, Christoph_T, MB Liveries) work off “the org” website have been taken/used without permission or credit to the original painter. I understand why they would do that. Its easier to take something that’s already done and convert the livery to the MAX. But come on guys and gals, it is SO MUCH MORE satisfying to create the livery yourself. Nobody starts making great liveries right off the bat. It takes practice and a few failures to get really good. If your Photoshop or skills are not great, they never will be if you just take other people’s work. That is lazy, dishonest, and you will probably be found out. Most of the painters talk to one another, we also recognize our own work and others work very easily. And we report these things to each other when we see them. Not only that, posting pirated liveries does not help in establishing the legitimacy of the MAX in the X-Plane community.

I am not trying to say I am better than anyone else because I’ve done this too, albeit not intentionally. Recently I found out that a tail I received permission to use from another painter in this discord server was indeed not theirs after all. I was contacted by the original painter and corrected the issue.

If you find a paint that you like, and the original painter is okay with you using it, then fantastic, release yours and give the original author credit. There is skill involved in converting them for the MAX if its done well. If the author does not give you permission or you don’t want to ask, that’s okay too, because you can always recreate the livery by tracing it. Just use their work as a reference. It’s very simple to use their file as an overlay/guide to trace your own work. When you complete the tracing, remove that “guide” layer and voila you have created your own work inspired by another’s. That’s not stealing, and while you don’t need to credit the artwork to another painter, it is always nice to at least say yours is inspired by them.

That being said, I am always willing to help and support painters who are wanting to learn. I have never turned down a request for help or a request to use one of my liveries or elements from one that I have done.

Tools and tips I recommend:
1. Photoshop (amazing effects).
2. if you cant afford Photoshop.
a. Download all the effect plugins.
3. Use Google Images to find logos and photos of the actual aircraft you are painting.
4. Be Patient, great liveries take time to create. It’s not a race.

Let’s all make great paints for this great aircraft! Do not be afraid to ask for help, nobody will think any less of you, at least I wont.


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  1. Hey,i dont know if you could take a lil time out of your busy schedule to help me with a livery for the 737 max10. The airline is Arik Air,i will really appreciate if you could do this for me

  2. Hello,
    Thank you on the great selection of detailed liveries. I am having an issue with some of them not fitting correctly and I end up with a black strip behind the wing. I know there is an easy fix for this but I cannot, for the life of me, find it anywhere, I tried to attach a picture of what I am describing. Thank you. Any help is appreciated.

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