Livery Specifications

We really appreciate your efforts to make some seriously stunning liveries for the airliners produced by @ww (Walter White) and the rest of the development team. Here are some specifications on things we’d like you to make sure your livery has! The notes with an asterisk are a must and we need you to incorporate them! Specs as follows:


– Must have rendered thumbnails for viewing in the X-Plane 11 aircraft selector.*

– Must have a screenshot attached in the respective livery channel you are posting it in.*

– In the message you put on the livery channel, include the airlines full name and registration of the aircraft.*


– Put a registration on the aircraft, even if its a fictional livery, make one up. It’s more realistic.*

– Don’t leave design elements out of your livery. Things like chrome on the engines is fine, but don’t neglect to do things like the winglets or the small details. If you add the tiny things, they add up to make a stunning, high quality livery.*

– You are allowed to watermark your liveries with a small logo or something that doesn’t appear on the aircraft, just on the parts of the paint kit that don’t show on the aircraft.

– I understand that the tail of the 737’s can be quite irritating due to the rudder housing and how the paint kit works, but if you need any help, let me know.

Optional, but much appreciated:

– If you can, or know how to, add a SELCAL to the aircraft. It’s nice and realistic and people will thank you for it, trust me.

– Add a cabin! Cabins are amazing pieces of artwork and adds quality and dedication to liveries. I personally love cabins when they’re done well.

– Paint the air stairs, ground power and fuel truck if you’d like!

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